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Posted by e-plumber on April 11, 2004 at 22:24:45:
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: Hello, I hope someone here can help.

: I am a second year UA apprentice in NJ and one of my mechanics gave me several code questions and 3 math ones, he loves busting my Onions.

: Can anyone please give me the answers to the following as I have been looking all over and cannot find these answers.

: 1-The strainer inlet for a 3" leader line is?

: A- 7" B- 9" C- 11 " D - 14"

: 2- A 3" pipe full flow of 180 GPM has a velocty of ?

: 3- A pump is pumping 50 GPM with an efficency of 75% what is the horse power of this pump?

: Would this really be plumbing questions or is just busting my chops?

: Thank you so much, Arthur

Why would you want just the answers, wouldn't you want to learn the formula and figure the questions out for yourself? What if the person asked you to explain how you came out with your answer, what could you possibly tell him?

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