Re: Removal of Price Fister Diverter -Vintage 1960
Posted by jimbo on April 11, 2004 at 20:34:50:
In response to Re: Removal of Price Fister Diverter -Vintage 1960
:Your excellent description convinces me that we are indeed talking about the P/P Windsor model; the part that troubles me is that apparently with the packing gland and the main body removed, your stem is being blocked by a metal washer. What you should see is the nylon washer (white in color). It is definitley possible for the nylon washer to have been flared out due to long use, and thus be "hung up". In this case, with a sharp exacto knife or 1/4" wide wood chisel, you could slice ths washer into pieces.

If it truly a metal washer, which must also be flared out, since it got in there somehow, I think you will have to try with narrow screwdrivers and needle nose pliers to bend/break it.

If you know anyone with a digital camera, we would love to see a picture.

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