Re: I am totally baffled
Posted by Sloosh on April 11, 2004 at 12:20:39:
In response to Re: I am totally baffled

: : I still want to know how sylvan got a hard-hat that was BIG enough to fit his swelled head. hic Sloosh

: Slosh, I have read through the postings on this fine board and you contributed nothing which shows us you have nothing decent to offer in the way of talent.

: Yes, Sylvan comes across as a wise arse but he did give the proper answers to Arthur's questions, while you sir on the other hand give nothing.

: So guy a hard hat would fall over your pin head down to your chin it would seem.

: If you do not like Sylvan's posting by pass them. But if you care to learn read them and shad up . He gave more information in a few days here then you ever gave in total.

: I happen to like his humour but it takes someone with brains to understand him and read between the lines
PHIL--- PHIL...take your PILL..its time again for your SWILL..... Like you said "it takes someone with brains to understand" so i think that leaves you out.. lol.

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