Re: I am totally baffled
Posted by Phil on April 11, 2004 at 12:04:34:
In response to Re: I am totally baffled

: I still want to know how sylvan got a hard-hat that was BIG enough to fit his swelled head. hic Sloosh

Slosh, I have read through the postings on this fine board and you contributed nothing which shows us you have nothing decent to offer in the way of talent.

Yes, Sylvan comes across as a wise arse but he did give the proper answers to Arthur's questions, while you sir on the other hand give nothing.

So guy a hard hat would fall over your pin head down to your chin it would seem.

If you do not like Sylvan's posting by pass them. But if you care to learn read them and shad up . He gave more information in a few days here then you ever gave in total.

I happen to like his humour but it takes someone with brains to understand him and read between the lines

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