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Posted by Sloosh on April 11, 2004 at 11:11:19:
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: : : A new TV series will star Sylvan and Donald Trump in the fall. (the fall of this apprentice). BTW, how did Sylvan ever get a hard-hat to fit? hic
: : : Thank you Sloosh,

: Sloosh, I am sure the apprentice, (Arthur) appreciates your wisdom and insight to his questions.
: Guys like you are an industry blessing as you pass on wisdom and knowledge for the next generation of mechanics.

: Men like you are an asset as you give support to those willing to go that extra mile by getting a formal education in the trades rather then learning strictly OJT.

: Sloosh your a credit to this industry and I did gain a lot of new knowledge reading how you went into depth explaining about controlled flows and how on high rise building care must be taken not to let a slug of water to drop 47 stories on the base fitting.

: The safety factors you mentioned like how to clear a roof drain stoppage with utmost care as many people have drowned by not taking precautions Sloosh your an inspiration.

: I can see by your name and license numbers and E mail you are the real professional that folks like Arthur need to seek out trainers like you


: By the way I did work for Fred Trump Donald's Brother as Donald was not in NYC at the time BUT Next time I meet Donald ILL let him know you appreciate his hiring Talented folks.

I still want to know how sylvan got a hard-hat that was BIG enough to fit his swelled head. hic Sloosh

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