I am totally baffled
Posted by Help please home work questions on April 10, 2004 at 22:35:17:
Hello, I hope someone here can help.

I am a second year UA apprentice in NJ and one of my mechanics gave me several code questions and 3 math ones, he loves busting my Onions.

Can anyone please give me the answers to the following as I have been looking all over and cannot find these answers.

1-The strainer inlet for a 3" leader line is?

A- 7" B- 9" C- 11 " D - 14"

2- A 3" pipe full flow of 180 GPM has a velocty of ?

3- A pump is pumping 50 GPM with an efficency of 75% what is the horse power of this pump?

Would this really be plumbing questions or is just busting my chops?

Thank you so much, Arthur

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