Re: water levels in Gerber toilets
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 10, 2004 at 21:14:36:
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: I don't know if this is on topic but can someone tell me how to put more water into the bowl. I have to flush at least 2 times and I believe that it is because there is not enough water going into the bowl at the end of a flush to be ready for the next flush. Thanks for any help

Lift the cover of the tank look inside for the words "water line" Which should be about 1" below the over flow tube.

If the water is at this mark or slightly higher then flush the toilet and watch to see when the flapper reseats.

If the flapper re seats to fast you will not get the proper flushing ADJUST accordingly.

If all else fails try throwing in about 30 sheets of paper and hold the handle down (if the water level is correct) and keep holding to see if all the paper is discharged.
If it is then your WC bowl is clear its just a matter of adjustments.

If not you may have a partical obstruction

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