Re: A O Smith Hot Water Tank is 31 yrs old
Posted by Gary Swart on April 10, 2004 at 13:58:11:
In response to Re: A O Smith Hot Water Tank is 31 yrs old
It's a great tribute to the Smith brand, but Jon, it's time to face reality. You are way past the life expectancy for this or any other water heater. Repairing this would be like giving a heart transplant to your 103 year old great-grandfather. Technically possible, but the patient may not survive the operation, and even if it does, it isn't going to restore it's youth. It would be wise, in my opinion, to get a new heater and not spend time and money on repairs to this one. If you're handy at all, you can do a straight change of tanks without too much problem. If you are going to have it installed, by doing it before there is a real emergency, you can choose the time.

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