Re: life of a hot water tank??????????
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 10, 2004 at 12:56:02:
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: what is the agverage life of a h.w. tank. i have heard everything from 10 years to 23 years.

Last year I removed a water heater that was installed in 1922 and it was still working.

Of course this is not the normal life expediency.

This was a 72 gallon bronze tank with a much thicker wall then one would find on any built today.

Years ago tanks lasted long because chemicals were not added to the domestic water because of the Federally mandated safe drinking act of the 70's (Chlorine/ fluoride etc.) these chemicals do have an adverse effect when heated. example boilers requiring tubes to be replaced much more often.

Also the ambient humidity, quality of fuel (oil) natural gas (sulfur content) or LP Or even electric has to be considered

An oil fired heater will not last as long as a gas fired and Gas fired normally the tanks do not last as long as Electric and electric do not last as long as piped in storage tank indirectly heated line a coil.

There are several variables to consider like temperature settings if the tank is ASME rated with an ASME stamp. A damp area or a laundry room where washing machine fumes heated can also cause premature failures.

So I would think your tight on the money with 10 - 23 years

Sylvan, Certified Low pressure boiler and unfired pressure vessel inspector.

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