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Posted by PW on April 09, 2004 at 14:29:04:
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Good info.

FYI, if you ever have to install a Carlyle again, the seat can be installed without access to the bottom. Just put the rubber nut bushings thru the hole and keep downward pressure on the screw while you tighten.

We have a couple of Carlyles in our home and in two years have only needed to flush more than once one or two times. But, we are all different and don't fill them the same. Though my wife does a good job of trying! :-)

: i recently installed a toto carlyle in my upstairs bath and a porcher veneto in my downstairs and just wanted to post my comparison of the two. i would have to say the porcher is the better flusher. for "#2", it flushes on the first flush every time as compared with an occasional second flush for the toto, plus the porcher is a little quieter. the difference is mainly due to how the water enters the bowl and the shape of the bottom part of the bowl itself. in the porcher, all the water rushes in from the rim of the bowl - you almost have to stand back it's that impressive, also, with the smooth shape of the outlet, nothing gets obstructed, plus the push button flusher is very cool. with the toto, water comes from the rim and the hole in the bottom, but because the outlet isn't as smoothly shaped, "items" sometimes get caught up. both make about the same amount of "marks", even on the toto's sanagloss finish. also, the toto's flush handle is annoying because it makes a loud clanging metallic sound when you press it - it's kind of loose, causing it to clang. but the soft close seat is very cool and probably shaves 5 seconds off a man's time in the bathroom - just flip it down and walk away. installation wise, the toto wasn't too bad, although it's about 30 pounds heavier than the porcher. i used the 10" unifit adapter and the only hard part was drilling 4 holes into the tile floor. i used the new rubber gasketed plastic sleeves on both instead of a wax ring and they work great. i would recommend installing the seat on the toto before you set the toilet in place because you have to be a contortionist to get your arm between the skirted sides of the toilet and the wall to hold the nuts to screw into, once installed, i silicon caulked sides/front to floor which stopped any slight rocking from floor uneveness. the porcher install wasn't too bad, of course leave it to the french for good quality control - one of the holes was 3/4 covered up with part of the outlet assembly (hard to describe), so i had to dremel that off which was a pain. the seat easily attaches with plastic molly bolts. the only annoying thing is attaching the supply line to the tank which is at the top rear of the tank - not much room to fit a wrench. plus when i first hooked it up, a washer must have fallen out, so when i was "testing" it, water started leaking from the connection, so on the third try i found a washer that fit and it was fine. the toilet does creek a little when sitting on it - mainly because the floor flange sticks up half an inch too high, so i had to shim under the toilet and caulk it to get it to sit right. it's only been a month or two, but hopefully i won't experience the problems i've read about the gaskets rotting out in the porcher. all in all, they work great, and i'd have to say better than the old 3.5 gal. ones i replaced, plus the one piece designs are very sleek looking - of course, now there's no place for magazines on top of the porcher, oh well. hope this was informative.

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