Re: Sewer smell in bedroom after taking a bath
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 09, 2004 at 11:27:39:
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: After I take a bath every so often (about every 3 day) and water is draining from tub I get a sewer gas order in bedroom. The toliet is directly behind the wall in the area the gas seems to be. There is no smell in bathroom at all. Only in bedroom. Our house is on a slab. We have checked vents, snaked and resealed toliet. What do I do next, rip out the wall behind the toliet. Any advise would be great! Thanks, Gerre

If you have access to the roof terminal have someone mix 2 ounces of oil of peppermint and hot water (approx 160 degrees) two quarts of water should be fine and pour this down the vent pipe.

DO NOT let the person who used the oil of peppermint into the house until the test is complete.

What you do is have other folks "sniffing" to see if they can smell the peppermint this should tell you if you do have a broken vent pipe. Keep the windows and doors closed during this test.

It could very well be the bathtub over flow did allow water to spill outside the pipe and cause a bacteria smell in the wall as was suggested

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