Re: Cutting a Vikrell tub surround
Posted by hj on April 09, 2004 at 10:44:25:
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Unless the surround fastens directly to the wall, with no "space" behind it, it will not work. Even if it does, depending on what type of window it is, it may be difficult to seal around it. If the window is recessed, then a cultured marble surround might be better since it can also cover inside the recess.

: I'd really like to use a no-caulk, snap-together Sterling tub/surround unit in my bathroom, but I'd have to cut around a window. I saw the posting about using a hole saw to cut Vikrell for fixtures. I'd appreciate any recommendations about the best way to make long cuts in this material to accommodate a window. I'd also welcome suggestions regarding other types of materials/surrounds I could use, since I'd really like to keep the window. Thanks for your help.

: Sue Wallace

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