Re: Sewer smell in bedroom after taking a bath
Posted by e-plumber on April 09, 2004 at 07:45:37:
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: After I take a bath every so often (about every 3 day) and water is draining from tub I get a sewer gas order in bedroom. The toliet is directly behind the wall in the area the gas seems to be. There is no smell in bathroom at all. Only in bedroom. Our house is on a slab. We have checked vents, snaked and resealed toliet. What do I do next, rip out the wall behind the toliet. Any advise would be great! Thanks, Gerre

The odor could possibly be from a broken or cracked vent in the wall, unlikely but possible. The bathtub overflow could also be leaking in the wall while bathing causing water to pool up and give off a smell. The bathtub trap may be siphoning out whrn you drain the tub allowing odor to escape.
...A lot of possibilites, but something to go on. A licensed plumber may be able to test your plumbing systems traps and vents with certain testing techniques.

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