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Posted by Hey Sylvan please :-) :-) on April 09, 2004 at 00:27:15:
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: It�s a dog wash. There will be no water being held in the tub. That�s like people taking a bath. Why would anyone sit in their own filth?


: As for considering a hair trap, DUH!

Hey Sylvan, you happen to be totally correct about the "hair trap" and the use of a tub in a veterans office/clinic/ASPCA but you did not have to jump on Paul after all not everyone bothers to learn the model codes where protecting the drainage system is paramount to good basic plumbing.

Remember not all plumbers are created equal so lighten up Bro and you will have a lot more folks actually taking you seriously.

On your PIPDL list we know your acid wit/humor/wisdom and some folks are thin skinned or just have no idea about NYC Seinfeid humour. have a great holiday and hey guy you cannot teach the world about proper plumbing if they think a bath is a shower and a shower is a bath.

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