Re: Dog Wash
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 08, 2004 at 23:59:16:
In response to Re: Dog Wash
: It�s a dog wash. There will be no water being held in the tub. That�s like people taking a bath. Why would anyone sit in their own filth?


: As for considering a hair trap, DUH!

I am sorry I forgot sdome folks have no clue to proper drainage in pet clinics or were HAIR can cause a problem so FUR doesnt count as Hair in some localities my mistake I forgot not all areas have a code YET

Also as having installed TUBS by code for Vets I know that sometimes the VET needs to fill a tub for a FLEA wash BUT certain folks think having body lice and fleas on their bodies is normal so the DUH stands as he should know his area better then any model code would. YUP scratch one TUB that cause be used for a flea/tic wash

and FUR does not cause blockages.

SEE I learned something THANKS Mr. DUH

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