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Posted by Diana on April 08, 2004 at 23:59:04:
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Thank you for the responses; I kind of...well, sort of...follow some of the conversation. Let me add that we are on well water and our water leaves heavy mineral deposits on everything. The water heater is electric. I didn't know if that info would change anything. Thanks.

: : I can definitely relate to one point you make here--about the the typical house has become a closed system due to the changes in the mains you mention. Out here ( So. Calif.) the codes do not require an expansion tank; but in the last several years I have noticed it is very common for pressure buildup to become a problem when a new water heater is installed. My theory is that it was a problem with the old heater, but the T/P valve was frozen shut with mineral deposits, so the problem was not noticed. I now always recommend an expansion tank be installed.

: Rather then an expansion tank how about replacing the T&P every two or three years and tested yearly?

: this way your accounts still know your around plus you get a service call for the T&P replacement which is a good idea when you know minerials are present to reduce its operation

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