Re: What's Going On Here?
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 08, 2004 at 23:43:22:
In response to Re: What's Going On Here?
: I wasn't going to post any response but you have to understand it's STORM SEASON now and things seem to be stormy on this board.

: Don't worry, the black clouds and gray skies will pass and soon another rainbow will appear.

: Thanks to ALL who genuinely contribute to this board, I won't name names because there are MANY! You know who you are!

: Keep up the good work and your service to the readers and posters on this BBS.

: THANKS TERRY LOVE TOO! I've spoken with Terry privately and he's one cool dude!

Terry is one of the BEST actually the BEST ask Terry advice I know this for a fact

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