Re: What's Going On Here?
Posted by ED on April 08, 2004 at 22:45:44:
In response to Re: What's Going On Here?
I wasn't going to post any response but you have to understand it's STORM SEASON now and things seem to be stormy on this board.

Don't worry, the black clouds and gray skies will pass and soon another rainbow will appear.

Thanks to ALL who genuinely contribute to this board, I won't name names because there are MANY! You know who you are!

Keep up the good work and your service to the readers and posters on this BBS.

THANKS TERRY LOVE TOO! I've spoken with Terry privately and he's one cool dude!

: This forum is gettin' down right ugly. In almost every reply by a 'certain person' which will remain nameless, they are either patting themselves on the back, writing a novel - short story or posting nasty criticism towards other people. To top it off other posters are jumping on his 'arrogant as hell' bandwagon.
: Give advice, discuss or leave.

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