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Posted by bob on April 08, 2004 at 22:32:15:
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I have a water softener and carbon filter. I have a hot tub, and if I dont use it for awhile, I had a small amount of red flakes that come out, similar to what you see around commode at top.

First if you want a good, top of the line system, max price is $2500. That includes top of line water softener (reduces hardness, ie Ca++ and Mg) and top of line carbon GAC filter with KDF 55 and fleck heads (search the net). Can get such systems from raindance (NOT RAINSOFT), or several other web sites. Rainsoft and Hague are going to be way overpriced. I got sucked into a rainsoft, but after 4 years, and 50 hours on net research, I know better.

At 7 gpg you might benefit some with prolonged appliance/pipe wear. Carbon filter takes out the carcinogens which are more worrisome from my point. As for some sediment when the hot tub is not used, I still get that, though much less. But if you want to find out your real water hardness and whether its iron or not, look on the net and find an independent lab. the salesmen (i know from experience) are there to sell you a product, not inform.

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