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Posted by Jason on April 08, 2004 at 14:07:55:
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After doing several searches on news sources on the internet and not finding any stories of water heater explosions, I am going home and remove the water heater completely just to be safe. After reading this I do not believe it is something I want to expose my family to, after all water is as wet whether it is hot or not. I must have been a fool, 90% of the time the water heater was used my family has been close to it.

But, I would have thought, if one was going to have a water heater, the best time for it to blow up would be while on vacation.

: : Just read a post from Sylvan regarding the possible dangerous condition that exists if a hot water heater is left on for a long period of time without using it.

: : I will be away for 2 weeks during an upcoming vacation. Is this too long to leave the water heater idle?

: : The unit is a GE, 50gal.,gas fired with an expansion tank installed. The book indicates that the temp. setting could be turned down to VACATION for extended periods of time.

: : Which is my best option?
: : 1. Let the unit sit idle at the current temp. setting.
: : 2. Reduce the temp. to VACATION setting until I return.
: : or
: : 3. Shut the unit down and shut off the gas supply.

: : Thanks in advance!

: 2 weeks you should be fine on "vacation " setting as usual HJ is off base as usual.

: Lowering to vacation is not just used to conserve fuel it is a safety factor.

: Lets think for a minute as a boiler/pressure inspector.

: You have an expansion tank possibly a bladder type and like all mechanical it is subject to failure.

: Now you didnt bother to lower your temperature setting and the heater calls for heat and your expansion has become water logged.

: Let me ask you WHEN was the last time someone actually tested your T&P?

: What happpens in a run away firing condition if the controller fails?

: HJ does not have the formal training to give advice on pressure vessels and this is a dangerious thing to be on a site for folks looking for proper advice.

: Saving energy is the least of it.

: Would you leave your stove on full blast if no one is home for two weeks or a pot of boiling water on a stove?

: So why leave a flame under a pressure vessel?

: WHEN you come back from vacation RUN THE WATER making sure no air is present in the H/W lines THEN turn your flame to normal.

: HJ PLEASE READ THE NBBI dang Guy what is wrong with you??

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