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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 08, 2004 at 13:17:37:
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: Just read a post from Sylvan regarding the possible dangerous condition that exists if a hot water heater is left on for a long period of time without using it.

: I will be away for 2 weeks during an upcoming vacation. Is this too long to leave the water heater idle?

: The unit is a GE, 50gal.,gas fired with an expansion tank installed. The book indicates that the temp. setting could be turned down to VACATION for extended periods of time.

: Which is my best option?
: 1. Let the unit sit idle at the current temp. setting.
: 2. Reduce the temp. to VACATION setting until I return.
: or
: 3. Shut the unit down and shut off the gas supply.

: Thanks in advance!

2 weeks you should be fine on "vacation " setting as usual HJ is off base as usual.

Lowering to vacation is not just used to conserve fuel it is a safety factor.

Lets think for a minute as a boiler/pressure inspector.

You have an expansion tank possibly a bladder type and like all mechanical it is subject to failure.

Now you didnt bother to lower your temperature setting and the heater calls for heat and your expansion has become water logged.

Let me ask you WHEN was the last time someone actually tested your T&P?

What happpens in a run away firing condition if the controller fails?

HJ does not have the formal training to give advice on pressure vessels and this is a dangerious thing to be on a site for folks looking for proper advice.

Saving energy is the least of it.

Would you leave your stove on full blast if no one is home for two weeks or a pot of boiling water on a stove?

So why leave a flame under a pressure vessel?

WHEN you come back from vacation RUN THE WATER making sure no air is present in the H/W lines THEN turn your flame to normal.

HJ PLEASE READ THE NBBI dang Guy what is wrong with you??

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