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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 07, 2004 at 21:17:55:
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: : I'm replacing a 16" cast iron riser to a toilet with abs. I'm told it's OK to use okum with mortar in the old cast iron hub.

: Nevermind, the point is moot anyway. The city finally called me back, and they don't allow any plastic in a CI hub. I hate to do it, but I've called a plumber. I'd love to pour my own lead, but I don't relish the thought of teaching myself how to do it and possibly exploding a pot of hot lead.

: Thanks for the help anyway.

Lead doesnt explode unless your really careless. I had a class A Journetman working for me once and I asked him to please do an 8" joint in extra heavy cast iton piping in a trench and this pipe was in this trench over night 3/4 of this pipe was under water.

He said impossible so I said care to make a bet say a weeks salary ($1,800) he said SURE

I went into the trench took the brown oakum like normally rolled it into tight strands and proceeded to yarn the joing.

After yarning I placed the asbestos rope on it and did my magic and poured a perfect joint with more then 3/4 of this pipe under water.

a few days later when everything was dry the journeyman inspected the joint and knew he lost 35 hours pay BUT he did learn how to TRY something before saying impossible.

Many of the 36" water mains in NYC do not have the luxery of being in perfectly dry area especially once one of these 100 year old suckers let go.

A real mechanic will find a way the not so decent guys laugh until they put up or shut up.

Think about all the extra heavy cast iron poured joints that went in during the winter or even during snow or in a trench filled with water.

Cant stop every job waiting for 90 degree temperatures.

If your intreasted I will explain how to pour a perfect joint almost totally under water using molten lead and brown oakum, kids play

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