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Posted by Terry Love on April 07, 2004 at 19:58:32:
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: Hi,

: I have two Toto Dartmouth toilets. The first one works great. The second one has been giving me fits. I first used a plastic plunger (accordion type) and it seemed to clear the plug. After one use the toilet backed up. I used an auger but I still don't get the strong flush that I used to. Now the bowl clears but the force is really weak and the water takes some time to drain. Any ideas? Jonathan

It sounds like something stuck in the trapway.
You may need to use a mirror to see if something is stuck at the upper bend of the trapway,
or perhaps something at the lower end of the trapway.
An Auger will sometimes go right by whatever is in there.
A bucket of water will normally clear the trapway is something is not lodged in there.

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