Re: Lighten Up Sylvan Tieger
Posted by Vince on April 07, 2004 at 19:35:21:
In response to Re: Lighten Up Sylvan Tieger
I've written off and on to Sylvan over the years through the internet. He is very passive here, believe me.
He is also a zealot in plumbing and very territorial in plumbing along with plumbing skills. This is part of his basic nature and part of his formal plumbing education.
He is a true master of several crafts, but not people oriented.
He okay in my book and I listen to him when he writes.
I not a member of the I love sylvan fan club but I am a member of his yahoo group. I have no idea if others are here or even read this forum, but it strictly for professionals, retired plumbers, and manufacture's reps. You now where I speak from.

Now to the rest of us. We all have seen poorly written responses or misunderstood responses. Terry Love has a very good resource for the average do it yourselfer asking basic questions. How technical that person can be only can be judged by what the person ask. Whether the person can read and understand our answer is up to our resonses. The gas line questions always get me. When someone asks a very specific question about a technical issue, you would expect that person to have some knowledge in what the original posting was about.

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