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Posted by Clayton on April 07, 2004 at 19:32:35:
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Almost right- Turn the nut on teh taller bolt Clockwise and this will raise the cut-in and cut-off pressures at the same time keeping a 20psi difference. Turn the nut on the shorter bolt Clockwise to raise only the cut-off pressure by itself.

: : : Can I increase my water pressure to 60/40 its currently 50/30?
: : : Sure can, what type of control do you have?

: : The brand is Pumptrol. My concern is the pressure tank(Weltrol) or and any of the houses plumbing.(1973 all copper)in good shape.I want to increase the shower pressure in the second floor everyone in the house complains.I removed the flow restrictor from the shower head allready.Is 60/40 the highest I should go or is there a auxliiary pump I could install for the upstairs(second story) thanks..
: A setting of 40/60 should be more than adequate for most layouts. To adjust to a higher setting; Turn both nuts CW to raise BOTH on/off pressures....Turn small nut CW to raise cut off pressure only. Good luck, Hube

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