Re: Idle Hot Water Heater
Posted by Hube on April 07, 2004 at 18:19:41:
In response to Re: Idle Hot Water Heater
: Just read a post from Sylvan regarding the possible dangerous condition that exists if a hot water heater is left on for a long period of time without using it.

: I will be away for 2 weeks during an upcoming vacation. Is this too long to leave the water heater idle?

: The unit is a GE, 50gal.,gas fired with an expansion tank installed. The book indicates that the temp. setting could be turned down to VACATION for extended periods of time.

: Which is my best option?
: 1. Let the unit sit idle at the current temp. setting.
: 2. Reduce the temp. to VACATION setting until I return.
: or
: 3. Shut the unit down and shut off the gas supply.

: Thanks in advance!
If your only going to be gone for 2 weeks, "Vacation" setting should be ok. Hube"

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