Re: re-packing an abs to cast iron connection
Posted by Chris Oxford on April 07, 2004 at 16:41:04:
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: : I'm replacing a 16" cast iron riser to a toilet with abs. I'm told it's OK to use okum with mortar in the old cast iron hub.

: : What is the proper amount of okum to pack onto the joint before I seal it with the mortar? I'm guessing I should leave about 3/4" space above the okum for the mortar. Is this right?

: Where I come from we are not allowed to use lead wool or motar as both of these products can seep and promote bacteria growth.

: Personally I would use coming out of the hub a caulked joint and a short piece of CI and then an adapter to the CI like a Mission coupling.

: Or remove the hub completely and continue from there using a Mission CI x plastic coupling

: NO way would I use a Fernco coupling or mortar in a joint.

: Think about the fact you may get a stoppage and you do not want to take a chance of a joint blowing out.

Then I might as well use CI the whole way, as I'm only using the plastic so I can do it today, as opposed to having to hire a plumber to pour the lead, which will take several days to even get a plumber out here. Heck, I'm going with the lead wool. The old joint had raw oakum with no lead or anything, and was there at least 40 years, maybe more, and no evidence of leakage. Seems like the more I nose around, the more answers I get. Another hardware guy told me to use 2 part epoxy putty on top of the oakum.

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