Re: re-packing an abs to cast iron connection
Posted by Chris Oxford on April 07, 2004 at 15:57:26:
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: : I'm replacing a 16" cast iron riser to a toilet with abs. I'm told it's OK to use okum with mortar in the old cast iron hub.

: : What is the proper amount of okum to pack onto the joint before I seal it with the mortar? I'm guessing I should leave about 3/4" space above the okum for the mortar. Is this right?

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: Three quarters of an inch should be fine but I would use lead wool instead of mortar. That's what an plumbing inspector would require if a lead joint could not be poured.
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Thanks. Really? I was told at a local plumbing supply, and I read somewhere around here that hydraulic mortar is OK with ABS pipe. I can't get anyone on the phone at my city code info line, and I really want to get this thing sealed up so I can put down the subfloor. Thanks.

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