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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 07, 2004 at 14:46:37:
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: : : We may not like it, but the reality of today's world are that homeowners and "handymen" are doing and will continue to do a lot of the work that in years past would have always been done by a "plumber". I won't even go into the reasons for this, but here's a clue: $

: : Anyone who does not want to offer his expertise for free is of course welcome to stay away from this board. Some of us actually enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience, and gain some satisfaction that as a result, some job somewhere will get done properly.

: : Personally, I try to limit my input to areas where I feel well qualified to offer sound advice.
: : I am not the Head Kahuna, and definitely welcome comments and additions by others. That's what this is all about.

: : In my area, we have no basements, wells, boilers, steam heat, radiators, etc. You will not see me trying to offer advice about something I have only read about.

: Jimbo, you hit the nail on the head GIVE proper advice or just remain silent HJ.s advice is worse then a handyman, and border line dangerous. His little bit on knowledge is average for a plumbing apprentice.

: Once he says I went into to much detail on fire suppression piping you know that being technical is beyond his scope of comprehension.

: By the way Tina sent me a personal E mail as she understood exactly what I had posted.
: Just because someone is old is no excuse to give inept advice.

: You Jimbo ARE a true professional as all professionals should know by now what their expertise is.

: HJ was the one who made a snide remart showing his ignorance

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