Re: 1950's "receptor tubs"
Posted by AnneGL on April 06, 2004 at 16:17:11:
In response to Re: 1950's "receptor tubs"
: I had one of these in my home prior to a bathroom was about the size you describe and about 12" deep with a built-in corner seat. It was made by Crane and was vitreous china (very heavy). I don't think Crane makes them anymore, but you might check with a dealer just in case...if that doesn't work architectural salvage might be an option. Good luck.

Thanks for your answer. So far, I have not found any current mfrs. for this size tub. I have checked with some architectural salvage places, but so far, no luck.
Do you know what year your previous small tub was most likely installed? Anyway, thanks again.

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