Re: Galvanized/Brass Fitting Leak
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 06, 2004 at 12:50:52:
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: I did a small DIY job to increase the supply diameter to a shower. The setup is 3/4" CPVC supply--> : 3/4"-1/2" galvanized reducing fitting--> : 1/2" galvanized extension pipe--> : brass shower control 'T'.
: I ended up with a minute leak (not even one drop/hour, but enough to keep things damp) where the 1/2" galvanized extension joins the 1/2" brass shower 'T'. I used plumber's grease in the joint, but still ended up with this small leak. I can't tighten the joint any more because the CPVC supply line is already in place and 'fixed'.

: Question: Is there any 'coating' (fingernail polish, polyurethane, etc.) that I can use to seal this small leak without having to take everything apart?

: Thanks in advance,
: Earle

Take it apart and use teflon tape or paste

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