Flooded Condo
Posted by Nancy on April 06, 2004 at 11:11:45:
One hour after we went to bed something mysterious happened to our plumbing that flooded our condo and the one below. There was around an inch of water on the 200 sq" of tiled area (kitchen, entry and 2 baths, about 36 sq' of soggy carpet, and a similar amount on the floor of the condo below. I estimated at least 20 to 100 gallons spilled out. There is no evidence of a clogged toilet. The flapper valve does leak but no more than 11 gallons in 1.25 hours. When discovered, the toilet was making it's topping off noise so we turned it off afraid the valve could have broken but didn't notice any water flowing out of it. But we were so paniced we didn't look to see if we could locate the source of the leek. It was about 10 minutes before we seemed to make any headway on the cleanup, so unsure if that toilet had anything to do with it. When we turned on the toilet the next day it seemed fine except for some moistness where the hose touches the tank. During the cleanup we dumped many gallons into the toilet and it went down fine, so still no evidence of any clog. A plumber checked the water pressure to the condo during the next day and it was 110 psi and no evidence of anything wrong. Could a surge in water pressure during the night have caused a leek of up to 100 gallons and not show up under the more typical pressure of 110 psi? As best as I can tell the water heater (maintained by the association) is outside the unit at the end of the building, an apartment away. Any insights into what could have caused this.

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