Jacuzzi bath tub
Posted by Kathi on April 06, 2004 at 02:38:04:
My visiting 10 year old niece was using our jacuzzi tub tonight and after about 10 minutes the motor stopped running. In a PANIC I ran to check the circuits to make sure something had not tripped (it had not) after about 30 minutes the pump was running again. In those 30 minutes I'd done some research and learned about using cascade (or dishwasher detergent) to clean the jets and thought perhaps that was the problem. I filled the tub with hot water, put in a couple capfulls of Cascade and ran the tub. After less than 10 minutes AGAIN the jets stopped running. Any idea what the problem might be. Our tub/pump/jets are only 3 years old and are not used on a daily basis. Looking forward to any helpful suggestions.

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