Re: Open Slit in back of Crane toilet?
Posted by hj on April 06, 2004 at 00:58:56:
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If you check with Kohler they will tell you that they test every one, and the defective ones never leave the factory, (but HD and similar stores seem to be able to get them and sell them to customers who then have to uninstall them and return them).

: I believe it. I just had a similar problem with Kohler fixtures. Apparently these things slip through the cracks of ("quality control") at the factory! Any way, take it back to where you purchased it, there should be no questions asked. You may not get a cash refund but rather a replacement fixture or store credit. Good luck!

: : Anyone ever heard of such a thing? We just bought this today, spent the time installing it, and water's spurting out the back. There's a tiny slit in the base, right below the tank, that "looks like" it's supposed to be there. Is it? Our other toilets don't have that!
: : What a pain in the derierre!
: : ;o) Tara

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