Re: How to connect drains for 2 dishwashers
Posted by hj on April 06, 2004 at 00:56:25:
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Who said anything a double trap? Since when has HD taught anyone anything useful? And do not tell Franklin that check valves can fail due to debris, and if the disharge pressure is too great from one dishwasher the other one will not be able to "force" its check valve open.

: : You have a problem. If you connect after the disposer the pressure will cause a backup into the second dishwasher,and there is no way to connect both of them to the dishwasher without the potential for causing a backup into them.

: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh do not tell HJ about a tee and check valves on the discharge line from each D/W prior to connecting to the garbage disposal

: HJ rather have a double trap as he does not know better

: Home depot didnt teach HJ that day

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