Re: sump pump emptying into ejector pump
Posted by hj on April 06, 2004 at 00:48:17:
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It would probably be illegal no matter how you did it, so why not just connect the sump pump directly to the sanitary piping rather than into the ejector basin?

: My street runs downhill and unfortunately I live towards the bottom of the hill so my sump pump runs several times a day. I ran a drain line outside of my house that the sump empties into that takes the water to the back of my yard to drain out. Because my sump runs so often the ground around where the water drains is always mush and my dogs of course have to roll around in the mud, bottom line my back yard is a mud pit because of the sump and I cant take it any more. I thought about switching the sump pump around and have it pump into my ejector pump pit and have my ejector pump the water from my sump out with the rest of the drain water etc from the house. Doing this will cause the ejector pump to run more often then it has in the past and I want to make sure the ejector pump is designed to handle running frequently etc. I know the size of the ejector pump only varies by how far it needs to pump the water not by volume so I don't think that would be an issue. any thoughts or suggestions?
: Thanks!

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