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Posted by Clayton on April 05, 2004 at 23:55:48:
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If its leaking around the stem, you can buy a preformed packing or just get some string packing from the hardware store. remove the packing nut, wrap the string packing a few times around the stem and cut off. start the packing nut, open the faucet half way while tightening the packing nut and move the handle back and forth while tightening to make sure you dont overtighten.
Make sure your leak isn't coming down from the vacuum breaker on top under the brown plastic cap. if thats leaking, you will need to get a replacement washer or complete vacuum breaker repair kit for it from a plumbing supply house, pry the cap off, unscrew the plastic vacuum breaker to get to the washer.

: I've a leaky Wodford Model 17 Anti-Siphon faucet. it only leaks when it is on. I've tightened the packing nut but it still leaks. What is the process for getting the faucet to stop leaking/

: Thank you.

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