new bathroom vanity
Posted by Keno on April 05, 2004 at 23:52:46:
Hi, Im trying to replace a bathroom vanity. The old one didnt have a back on it and thats where the sink drain pipe went into the wall. The new one has a back on it and I know that I have to cut a hole for the drain BUT the drain pipe comes out of the wall at a 45* angle, toward the 90* wall and the way that the vanity fits into the corner wont allow me to put it on without cutting about half of the back off. I thought that the tail drain pipe should just slide out of the compression fitting that connects it to the rest of the drain in the wall but it just wiggles like it might have a little glue at the end or something I think that i might have to cut it and glue a new tail pipe so i dont destroy the drain or the vanity. I dont have much lenght on the drain pipe comming out of the wall, before the tail pipe, so i can't make a mistake on this.
Ken O.

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