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Posted by Ed Phillips on April 05, 2004 at 22:47:07:
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Im Not terry but you might go here

It has is a forum deticated to tile setting and has detailed instructions for a mud pan shower floor.


: Dear Terry Love,

: I am resurrection an old house on Capital Hill in DC and want to build a mud shower base. I had a subscription to This Old House and a year or so ago they featured an article on just how to build a base. Can't find the issue anywhere. Can you direct me to a source? My shower base specs are about 55" x 65".
: 1. Should I seal the floor before I start? Already I have laid down quarter inch plywood.
: 2. The liners at Home Depot only come 48" wide. How do I best fold two pieces under and seal them? How high up the shower wall should I extend the liner?
: 2. What kind of special cement do I use?
: 3. Should I include some kind of metal reinforcing rods with "chairs"?
: 4. How thick should the cement be at the lowest point, i.e., the drain area?
: 5. After the base is poured, graded and dried and I a install the cement board panels on the wall, how do I seal the lower edge of the panels where they hit the new base material?

: Thank you for any help or advice you can offer.

: Bert Kubli

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