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Posted by Paul Harris PE on April 05, 2004 at 20:59:47:
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: Get a plumber. A "P" trap and an "S" trap, if you really have one, have the same "lift" dimension. The difference between the two is how the pipe after the "bend" is arranged. Your description is very convoluted and appears to be making a simple task into a major project.

HJ do you have any idea about plumbing or make this stuff up as you go along?

Most codes require a 2" trap "P" and 2" stand pipe for a washing machine and HJ please explain what a "bend " is as the parts on a trap inlet, outlet, crown weir, DIP, clean out.

I Wonder where you got the techinical training that you think an S trap is legal in most model codes as an S trap is self syphioning thus not approved

Hey HJ why not tell the folks the ways a TRAP can lose its seal or Ask Debbie or Terry or Sylvan or any other real plumber.

You sir are a handyman with your plumbing advice

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