custom mud shower base instructions
Posted by Bert Kubli on April 05, 2004 at 13:37:25:
Dear Terry Love,

I am resurrection an old house on Capital Hill in DC and want to build a mud shower base. I had a subscription to This Old House and a year or so ago they featured an article on just how to build a base. Can't find the issue anywhere. Can you direct me to a source? My shower base specs are about 55" x 65".
1. Should I seal the floor before I start? Already I have laid down quarter inch plywood.
2. The liners at Home Depot only come 48" wide. How do I best fold two pieces under and seal them? How high up the shower wall should I extend the liner?
2. What kind of special cement do I use?
3. Should I include some kind of metal reinforcing rods with "chairs"?
4. How thick should the cement be at the lowest point, i.e., the drain area?
5. After the base is poured, graded and dried and I a install the cement board panels on the wall, how do I seal the lower edge of the panels where they hit the new base material?

Thank you for any help or advice you can offer.

Bert Kubli

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