Re: How to connect drains for 2 dishwashers
Posted by hj on April 05, 2004 at 09:40:04:
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You have a problem. If you connect after the disposer the pressure will cause a backup into the second dishwasher,and there is no way to connect both of them to the dishwasher without the potential for causing a backup into them.

: It is 1 bowl sink with the disposal drain going to the trap, Should I tee into this line before the trap? Or after with an addtional trap?

: : One to the disposer and the other to a "branch tailpiece" under the other sink's drain strainer.

: : : I am installing 2 dishwashers, There is only 1 connection on the garbage disposal where you would normally connect the drain, I am worried that if the drains were tee'd together they would backflow into each other.

: : : How is the best way to connect the drains?

: : : Thanks
: : : Ed

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