Re: Plumbing through hollowcore pre-cast concrete
Posted by hj on April 04, 2004 at 22:41:33:
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Core drill as needed but avoid the prstressed cables inside the webs.

: Well, this is quite the board! Great resource.
: New construction, floor is concrete hollowcore slab. Still in the design/planning stages, I presume hole for toilet must be pre-planned for location and size before the hollowcore is cast at the plant? Or are toilet/sink holes drilled/punched through the 8" hollowcore slab? If done on-site, how? If pre-planned, how much oversize should the hole be to allow for error in location and/or pipefitting? I suppose that after oversizing, a small pour can be made around the pipe/flange to fill in/level? Have considerable experience in wood frame situations, but no clue with the hollowecore slab method as used in hotel/motel/apartment. Thanks folk. - Steve

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