Re: Flex Sprinkler Heads... and I thought of irrigation
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 04, 2004 at 17:57:50:
In response to Re: Flex Sprinkler Heads... and I thought of irrigation
: Golly, I thought of yard sprinklers.

: Not fire suppresion.

: But then, I'm not a LMP or other types of initials..

WOW, NOW I know there has to be really a lax of codes if you thought of "yard sprinklers"

Jimmy being a "Yard ape" is no real excuse for you not to have posted the following EVEN without LMP or LMFSPC behind your name.

You see Jimmy a CROSS CONNECTION is b highly possible with a flexible lawn sprinkler as your now able to by pass the normal 12" CL BFP devices.

A flexible on lawn sprinklers can cause very severe health problems if someone has no clue to protecting the potable water systems.

There are critical heights that one should take into consideration, not just say "golly lets put a head over there"

Jimmy you should go to some type of class and learn WHY not just how. GOLLY you will be very impressed taking a 3 day course in back flow prevention.

Then you too can charge BIGGER bucks for having a few letters behind your name.

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