leaking toilet bowl
Posted by Chad Lloyd on April 04, 2004 at 17:05:27:
I am having a problem with a leaking toilet bowl seal which I hope someone can help me with. Here's the story:

One day about 2 years ago my 2 year old daughter threw a toilet paper roller down the bowl. We tried everything and could not get it out. Called a plumber. Plumber tried everything and could not get it out. Said we needed a new bowl. Went and bought a new bowl, which the plumber installed.

Flash forward to about 2 months ago. Suddenly there is fluid leaking from the bottom of the bowl. I ask around (having never done any plumbing before) and a plumber friend says no problem, just replace the seal. So I go buy a seal, I'm told the are all the same, remove the bowl, and discover 2 things:

1) The outlet pipe is not attached to the wood floor. There are screws that are supposed to anchor it to the floor, but they've pulled completely loose.

2) The was no seal at all in between the bowl and the pipe - just a whole bunch of that wax stuff, but no actual 'seal'.

So I put in the new seal. I've done this twice now, and it seals for about 3 weeks, then starts leaking again. These are brand new seals of course.

So I have a number of questions:

1) One of the things I notice is that the seal does not snugly fit on the outlet of the toilet bowl - it appears the toilet bowl has a smaller 'hole' than the inside diameter of the seal - is this normal?

2) If the pipe is not firmly screwed to the floor, will this cause it to break the seal after a short period of time? I did not screw it down again because there is not much wood material there to screw it to, so I was not sure what to do.

3) Is it possible that the bowl itself is cracked and is the source of the leak? There are no visible cracks that I can see.

4) Any other suggestions? If you've got a sealing toilet bowl seal that simply will not stop leaking, what is the most likely cause?

The leak is small - say 1/10 of a cup of fluid over a week's period of time - but for some reason I cannot get it to stop. Of course knowing absolutely nothing about plumbing, I'm sure I am overlooking something simple and obvious. Anyone who can help me out - it would be greatly appreciated.



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