change hot water radiator set up?
Posted by Lisa on April 04, 2004 at 14:27:51:
I have an ell to our ~1870 house(~10'x14' room)that has two old hot water radiators. They are on a separate thermostat, and I see in the basement that I can close the valve to drain them both w/out draining the whole house. Last year I opened the can of worms by removing the carpet, found more carpet, layers of linoleum...anyhow I will be stripping all +/or installing a new floor. The radiators need to be removed (?) so I can get layers of carpet etc out from under them and so they can be stripped and painted (they are peeling now). My question is...since these two radiators are on a separate section of the heating system, can I (should I)replace them with a newer hot water radiator setup, such as baseboard? They currently take up a lot of space, and we are limited as to where we can place furniture, etc. Would this be a problem if the rest of the house had the old plumbing/radiator system? Also, would it be reasonable to install a radiant floor heat system in the one room? There is currently a wood stove in that room, and I wonder if we keep the old radiators (I like them aesthetically, but not so much practically regarding space), would only one be ok for the space? Thanks for any input.

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