Bathtub Drain - please save me from divorce!
Posted by Pat Bopray on April 04, 2004 at 13:49:54:
Terry, Handy I am, a plumber I am not. My main floor bathtub just does not drain. I can not get a snake into the pipes. I have tried from the top of the overflow and from the tub drain itself. I think there is a flapper of some sort that is preventing me from advancing the snake. Frankly I think that's the whole problem but I digress. The over flow mechanism has a solid rod on it about 10-12 inches long at the end of the rod is a heavy spring about 1 inch in diameter. I presume tht when I flip the lever the spring pushes the afore mentioned flapper and closes the drain. Flipping the lever back should open the drain??? At this point when I reinstall the rod/over flow it meets with resistance as I seat it into place. I have no clue what it looks like down there so I have no way to figure out how to do. I hope youcan help thanks

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