Remolding Basement
Posted by Bob on April 03, 2004 at 14:35:37:
1. I would like to install and rear discharge toilet but, I am not sure what kind to get, I would like to get one that sits on the floor but if I can't a Wall mount would be OK.

2. I have heating pipes the hang low in the basement and I would like to replace them with copper pipe. The Pipes I think were over sized when they were installed (the house is 81 years old). The current pipes are 2" but the are being feed by a 1" pipe from the (hot water) boiler. I would like to change the 2" pipes to 1-1/2" copper pipe. The reason for this is to gain head room. I have a 7' ceiling and the pipes hang down about 1-1/2' giving me just over 5' of head room. Remolding basement

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