Re: Hot Water Heater Trippin'
Posted by CEA on April 03, 2004 at 12:47:19:
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Modern circuit breakers are quite reliable and it's rare to find one that trips for no reason. A circuit breaker that trips repeatedly is trying to tell you something. Assuming the water heater is on its own circuit (as required by code), the problem is likely to be at the heater itself.
The worst case is that the existing wiring and circuit breaker are undersized for the new water heater, but if that were the case I don't think it would have waited a year to start tripping.

Turn the breaker off and inspect the electrical connections at the heater (behind the little access covers) for signs of burning or arcing, water leakage, etc. If there's nothing obvious wrong and you're not comfortable with electrical troubleshooting, Have a plumber, electrician, or competent handyman check it out. Electric water heaters are simple appliances and whatever is wrong isn't likely to be expensive to fix. Don't risk your safety by resetting the breaker and ignoring the problem. Good luck.

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