American Vent-Away Toilets
Posted by Dennis on April 03, 2004 at 08:11:43:
We just moved into a house and have noticed a continuous dripping sound that is eminating from the toilet (an American Standard "Vent-Away" toilet). It only seems to pause when we flush the toilet, only to begin once again 30 - 60 secs later. I'm pretty sure it's not the flapper, because I held the flapper down tightly for several minutes and the dripping continued despite this. I also shut the water off to the toilet overnight and the tank level stayed where it started, also suggesting the flapper is not defective.

I'm convinced the dripping is due to the venting mechanism - when I use the venting mechanism, the dripping stops, but starts up once the venting cycle is ended. Does anyone have any good solution to stop the dripping when the venting mechanism isn't on?

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